Dr Michelle Corral

Dr. Michelle Corral

Breath of the Spirit International Ministries, Denstiny Driven Principles for Life

Dr. Michelle Corral is the founder of Breath of the Spirit International Ministries, and the Pastor of Breath of the Spirit Prophetic Word Center in Yorba Linda, California, with the location also in San Diego, Riverside, and Studio City California. She is also the President of Melodyland School of Theology located in Anaheim and Studio City, California.

For nearly 40 years, she has traveled the world serving those in need on global humanitarian missions. She is also an expert on in-depth Hebrew insight to the scriptures and has earned her Doctorate in Theology from Melodyland School of Theology in Anaheim, California. She also has earned an Honorary Doctorate from Next Dimensions University in Ontario, California, and an Honorary Doctorate from Agape Seminary in Seoul, Korea.

Since the age of sixteen, Dr. Michelle felt that it was her destiny to serve the nations. Her call to ministry, drive for excellence, and understanding of the revelations of the prophetic Word has made her an international figurehead and respected expert in Biblical prophecy, secrets, and history. Since she was a youth, every area of her life has been committed to her ministry, forsaking all to serve, and study. Perhaps her extensive knowledge of the prophetic Word is her most poignant characteristic. As a master theologian, she has brought what only the most learned rabbis know to the Christian pulpit. Her experience in the anointing goes back to the days of Kathryn Kuhlman.

After decades of study, Dr. Michelle authored her debut book, Access to the Anointing, and a sophomore follow up, Angels Assigned to You. She has since written nine additional books and does not plan on stopping. Her books are printed in English, Spanish, Indonesian and Korean. She has requests for more material and is currently working on her twelfth book.

Through Dr. Corral, Breath of the Spirit International Ministries has reached over 46 nations and has given medical relief to the most afflicted countries. Some of her most recent medical missions include Puerto Rico, Haiti, Sierra Leon, Egypt, Kenya, Zambia, Philippines, and Uganda. In addition to medical relief, Dr. Michelle has started an initiative to bring water to the poorest countries in the world with wells in Uganda, Kenya, and Burundi. Dr. Michelle has provided clean water, housing, and food to thousands of children and their families. It is Dr. Michelle’s ultimate dream to reach the most critical in need. “I want to serve the poorest of the poor”, she says, “and this is just the beginning.” Dr. Corral has been honored to receive many awards for her humanitarian work, including The Mayors Hope for LA Reception. Additionally, she was the recipient of the Gospel Preacher’s Award for the Profound Word.

Dr. Michelle is known throughout the Middle East for her ongoing ministry to the persecuted and suffering Christians in Egypt and other parts of the region. She annually sponsors the Fire and Anointing conference where hundreds of pastors and Christian leaders are able to emerge and worship freely at her conference, all sponsored by her ministry. Breath of the Spirit Ministries has also sponsored medical clinics and humanitarian relief for poor pastors in Egypt. In her upcoming mission trip this April, she will be returning to Egypt and Jordan. In Egypt, she will continue to aid the persecuted Christians. In Jordan, Dr. Michelle Corral and Breath of the Spirit Ministries will provide much needed humanitarian relief (including medical and nutritional aid) to hundreds of Syrian and Iraqi refugees who have been terrorized by Isis. Which will also include a conference for refugee women which has been persecuted by Isis in Iraq which are now relocated in Jordan.

The Dr. Michelle Corral Prophetic Word Telecast has been aired in the past on the TBN Church Channel, and Inspirational Network, and currently airs on The Word Network and several secular stations in Southern California, as well as Hispanic telecasts throughout Latin America. Dr. Michelle has been a guest throughout the years on the following programs: Praise the Lord, Behind the Scenes with Paul Crouch, This is your Day with Benny and Suzanne Hinn and other guest appearances on various Christian programs.

As a driven and tireless humanitarian, her objective is to raise the awareness, value, and the dignity of every human being.

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Prophetess Juanita Bynum stated that Dr. Michelle Corral is the 21st Century Mother Theresa, and I couldn't agree more!